"Mounting Pad, Electrical" certified to the MIL SPEC was the beginning. Because we consistently shipped a quality product on time, our customers made us grow. Micro-Dimensional Products now molds and stocks the broadest line of Mounting Pads or Transipads in the industry.

Molding to the Military Specification (MIL SPEC) MIL-M-38527, the Commercial Item Description (CID) A-A-55485, Mounting Pads, Electrical, under the Federal Supply Code (CAGE CODE) OZK84, and a proprietary line of Transipads for Transistors, Relay Mounting Pads, Resistor Mounting Pads, Capacitor Mounting Pads, and Frequency Crystal Mounting Pads. Micro-Dimensional molds in DIALLYL PHTHALATE (DAP) to MIL-M-14F-SDG (ASTM D5948-05), NYLON (ASTM D4066), and POLYPHENELINE SULFIDE (PPS). If you are seeking a Mounting Pad, Transipad, or Insulator not included in the Mil Spec, we will be happy to quote to make it.

We have attempted to place as much information as possible within the website to assist you in finding that particular Transipad or Mounting Pad and deciding what you want or need. Our Quick-Reference can help you narrow your search to a few Mounting Pads. Our online CROSS- REFERENCE can take you from your Insulator to our Transipad, and then to a drawing that you can print out. However if you cannot find the Mounting Pad or Transipad you are looking for, it does not mean that we do not make it, and we certainly want to!
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Nylon Mounting Pads and Transipads can be supplied in colors, however, they are not stocked, and additional lead-time must be allowed to mold that Insulator.

Modifications to the design or material of a Transipad will be considered; please call the factory.

We attempt to respond to all Requests for Quotation on same day basis.

Terms 2% 10 Days, net 30 Days 
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